Saturday Night Tube

Saturday Night Tube

TV-Show Saturday Night Tube is entertainment for the entire family

The show is prime-time Saturday evening entertainment for the whole family. The format is to be aired on TV 2 Danmark, which is the largest commercial broadcaster in Denmark. They have requested a season 1 with 13 episodes, and have high expectations of the format’s entertainment value, originality and durability in Denmark as well as on an international scale.

The format is a panel show, where two teams of celebrity contestants comment and quiz on Internet-videos (Youtube). (We show about 30 videos per episode). Our host guides the viewers, the studio audience and the two teams through a fun, physical and unpredictable comedy-quiz. We have chosen the funniest, craziest and cutest videos from all over the Internet, and they will serve as the foundation for lots of laughs and comical deliberation from the host and contestants.

Besides the host, there are two permanent team captains (famous Danish comedians) who each lead two new team members per week. The running time is approximately 45 minutes, and the show consists of 3 rounds and a finale.

In each episode, we let the Internet come alive in the studio in many different ways: We build Youtube-videos as set-pieces, our host can enter. We invite people and animals from the most popular Internet-videos all over the world to visit us. We show amazing videos from the Internet, and then give them our own twist in the studio: Musical chairs for dogs – a shopping list sung by a 25-person boys choir – and much much more.

  • Metronome Productions A/S, Jenagade 22, 2300 København S, Danmark
  • tlf: +45 32 64 65 65