My Chef & I

My Chef & I

For the first time in the Master Chefs history judges the pair professional chefs with known food-loving Danes in this special edition of Masterchef My Chef & I.

12 tense and victory hungry couple is ready to fight for the coveted Masterchef trophy . The pairs consisting of one professional chef and one known Dane and together they try to create magic in the kitchen.

But in this special edition of Masterchef , it is not only the finished dishes that will be judged. The judges will equally assess the couple's cooperation , how they share tasks among themselves and, not least , how good pairs are to develop their companionship and madkundskaber . Winner couple, who ultimately can lift Masterchef trophy in the air is what couples who throughout the process have managed to cooperate and develop into a strong gastronomic duo .

The jury consists once again of Masterchefs competent trio : Thomas Castberg , Jakob Mielcke and Jesper Koch. With stricter and relentless taste buds , the three taste through a wealth of exciting and creative dishes to finally electing win the pair of Masterchef My Chef & I.

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