The Kesslers

The Kesslers

It is a family where unity is stronger than most.

Thursdays at 8:00pm on TV3.

Many new and exciting challenges and projects awaits the family in the new season of The Kesslers.

This season, there are big challenges coming up for all family members, especially because a new generation of Bryggen’s strong women is on the way… Stephanie and Cengiz’s little daughter’s arrival is closing in, and there is a lot that has to be done before they are ready to embrace the parenting role. What do you really need, when there is an addition to the family? The red Mazda is being switched out with a real family vehicle and Cengiz is in for a tough ride, when Stephenie goes on a big shopping spree for their daughter.

Mother Ann thinks life on Bryggen without her faithful follower Pixie is a little lonely. Linse does everything to find a new dog for mother Ann. But mother Ann has many requirements for the new four-legged family member, and therefore it is not so easy to find a dog for her.

It is important for Stephanie that the family has traditions they can be pass on to the next generation and now is the chance, before she and Cengiz become parents. Especially Christmas Eve is an important tradition for Stephanie, but neither mother Ann or Linse are fairly strong in Danish traditions. So the family tries to create a special Christmas Eve in their own way, where mother Ann secretly lures her friend Peter from Haraldsborg to dress up as Santa Claus, and Stephanie and Cengiz give mother Ann an unusual 3D-printed gift.

Linse has restarted her friendship with Didde, and when the friend has big troubles with her breast implants, Linse is ready to put everything aside and travel to Jutland to help Didde. The two friends also plan a bigger journey abroad to celebrate that they have “found each other” again.

If the two Brygge-friends succeed in charming a surgent to give Didde new implants, if Christmas Eve will be Denmark’s weirdest, how Stephanies daughter will be born and much more will be unveiled in the new season of the Kesslers.

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