Good company

Good company

Is it possible for four celebrities to run a restaurant, and which one of them is the best head chef, when they alternately get the opportunity to transform the restaurant into their own restaurant for a day?

Every week four celebrities are facing the challenge of being the head chef in their own restaurant. The head chef of the day is responsible for the menu, the managing of the restaurant and he or she needs to delegate the tasks in the kitchen among the other celebrities. Last but not least, the head chef must take good care of the guests, from the moment they are seated in the restaurant.

The four celebrities are getting help from the acclaimed restaurateur, chef and Masterchef judge Jesper Koch, who will guide them through the challenges of running a real restaurant.

The budding chefs are every day fighting to score points from each other, restaurateur Jesper Koch, and not least the guests. And in the end of the week, the weekly winner of “Good Company” is crowned.

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