Last Chef Standing

Last Chef Standing

In Last Chef Standing eight of the most prominent Danish chefs are fighting to create the best dishes. Go behind the stove to a loving competition in good company and get lots of inspiration for your own everyday life in the kitchen.

In eight programs eight of the most prominent Danish chefs take viewers behind the stove when they are unfolded in the kitchen and lets us in on a gastronomic universe, ranging widely from classic cooking methods to new techniques.

The chefs changes every day to be the main character and put together a menu, the other chefs each have to prepere and server for dinner in the evening. The protagonist distribute the chefs at three teams and decide who should make starter, main course and dessert. The three teams are fighting every day to make the best dish, which is crowned sovereign of today's protagonist.

The menus are based on the culinary tradition that today's chef even stands for, but the other seven chefs have free rein to interpretation and execution. It's impressive, fun and inspiring to see how chefs manage to reconcile their differences when they work together crisscross to create a common phrase on the plate.

Last Chef Standing is a program about loving food and cooking. The mood in the kitchen exudes warmth and loving banter spiced with plenty of competitive spirit, all the chefs are obviously to win the honor of having made the day's best dish.

  • Metronome Productions A/S, Jenagade 22, 2300 København S, Danmark
  • tlf: +45 32 64 65 65