In The Sexologist we follow four Danish sexologists work - a work which is beside the ordinary.

Because it takes something special to make the sex life of someone else better, or just describing a blowjob in your everyday life. Especially because work and the private life of a sexologist melt together in a completely different way than it does to the rest of us.

It's a tricky balancing act. For how hard can it be to have a sex life, a marriage or be a good girlfriend or boyfriend when your profile is that you are a master of sex? And how does one even try to keep the sparkle alive in your sex life when you have three kids to keep track of or just tired after work?

The Sexologists is an entertaining feature in your everyday life. A program filled with small tips about life under the blankets or on the kitchen table filled with prejudice and high costs. A strange world we rarely dare to talk about or to share our experience, but as for sexologists is a great job, which none of them would do without.

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